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One day Phaeton, the son of Helios, the God of sun, managed to convince his father to allow him to drive
his horse-drawn sun chariot down the firmament.

The father agreed, but as soon as the horses felt that the charioteer was inexperienced, they bolted.
The sun burnt the African land to ashes, tanning its inhabitants black. So as to prevent further damage,
Zeus was forced to strike Phaeton with a lightning into the river Eridanus.

Phaeton's sisters, Heliades, lamented his fate, cursing gods, so they were turned into poplar trees as a punishment.
Grieving, they kept crying, and their tears became resin, which turned into amber.

Years later, the sea is still throwing the sisters' amber tears to the shore.
So much for the legend.



Kaliningrad Amber Factory was established on July 21, 1947.
It is operating on the basis of the largest in the world amber deposit
which is located on the Baltic seacoast near the village of Yantarny Kaliningrad area.

The amber is extracted in the open-cast mine at the depth from 12 to 50 meters.
At present 400-500 tons of amber are extracted every year.
All the extracted amber is divided into three classes: for making articles, to be pressed, and to produce lacquer.

Amber Production

Nowadays the amber extraction is carried on in the open-cast mine, being a composite, highly-mechanized production.
Originally the over-burden layers were exploited by excavator, and were transported in the slag-heap by rails.

Amber Processing

The amber for making articles is of the greatest value, it is used as raw material for the jewelry industry.
However, this kind of amber accounts for only one tenth of the extracted amber.

I am not selling any plastic or any imitation of amber!


What is Natural Baltic Amber?

Amber is an organic substance - resin of trees which grew 40-50 million years ago.
It contains inclusions, traces of life dating back to millions of years ago.
It is still alive, as its internal Is still alive, and its internal transformations have not been finished yet.

Amber brings luck - it strengthens positive energy. It stabilizes and rebuilds the electrostatic field
disturbed by the devices that surround us, such as mobile phones.

It is very light, and the jewelry we wear may be considerable in size.
It sinks in fresh water, but floats on the surface in saltwater.

It is marked by a great variety of colors. Different colors - yellow egg yolk butterscotch, brown, green,
blue landscape, white Royal - rare and expensive, lemon, cognac and more 300 different colors.

Great secret power is present in Natural Baltic Amber.
It is impossible not to see the beauty of natural Baltic amber,
and it is impossible not to fall under its spell.